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Tabea Brassel - Friday 14th July 2017

Nick Stevens

This week I had work experience with Fuel Communications doing graphic design – an industry which I am interested in and considering as future career path. This was my second time working with Fuel, I did another work experience week with them a few years ago when I was in year 10, and I had such a great time that I wanted to return!

Working with Fuel I picked up some really useful and practical graphic design experience, working on an iMac with the latest creative programs, and being given assignments to complete for real clients.

My first was for the children’s dental charity: Brighter Smiles. For them I completed multiple mockups for a new website, with both desktop and mobile versions. Through this I gained valuable experience on how different fonts, colours, pictures and layouts work to look more appealing. While doing this I also got to go out to visit another company ‘Balance For Business’ and get some photos that I got to edit and upload onto the website.

After this I did some work for Fuel directly, creating lots of designs for a graphic made up of words client’s had used to describe Fuel in a recent survey. One of the designs I did, which focused on the top three words used, was uploaded to the website in a blog post, and it was amazing to see something I had created actually being used for real.

Overall it was a brilliant experience working with Fuel Communications, and I gained lots of skills and knowledge in the industry that I am interested in. I am considering applying again to come back and do an internship with them. The people at Fuel are friendly and helpful, and I felt very relaxed working with them. I would recommend this company highly to anyone who’s looking into graphic design or brand communications.

Thank you Fuel!

Martyn King, Managing Director at Fuel explained: “We’re very proud of the fact that many of our students have returned to continue work experiences, internships or part time work with us to gain valuable experience and develop their knowledge further. Nick has proven himself to be a creative and motivated addition of the team”

Ross Collins, Account Executive, commenting on Nick’s time with us said: “Nick has shown a great enthusiasm in his work and is definitely a very talented individual! It would be great to see him come back for an internship with us. Thanks for your time Nick!”


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