With the rapid increase in the availability of online delivery from many supermarkets in recent years, grocery delivery specialist Food 4 My Holiday engaged with Fuel in order to design and develop an e-commerce website that would allow them to greatly improve the customer experience when using the website and  compete with the major supermarkets from an online shopping perspective. Food 4 my Holiday offer a huge variety of Cornish products, this means that customers can enjoy the professional service offering of a major retailer whilst enjoying the unique range of fresh, locally sourced produce that you could only realistically enjoy from an independent farm shop.
After detailed conversations with the business owners, Fuel performed a comprehensive analysis of the previous website and found several areas that required upgrading in order to improve user experience. We recommended that Food 4 My Holiday should upgrade the websites payment integration, improve page loading times and ensure that the website worked effectively across all devices. With these improvements in mind, Fuel carefully devised a strategy to overhaul the website from the ground up. Working closely with the client, we thoroughly tested and considered many different e-commerce platforms until we could find the perfect platform which would meet our clients complex requirements. With the perfect e-commerce platform signed off and Food 4 My Holiday’s peak summer season rapidly approaching, work quickly progressed launch of the new site.
With the launch of the new online store, it’s improvements were quickly noticed. A new invoicing structure meant that staff could assemble orders much faster and with a greater level of accuracy. Improvements to the shops categories meant that products could be added to the store in a much more sophisticated manner. Most importantly, these improvements to the website were recognised by the customer, as Food 4 My Holiday has been rewarded by an unprecedented increase in sales by 50% (based on the same period in the previous year). Company director Katie Martin said; “We’re absolutely delighted with the new Food 4 My Holiday website, our orders levels have increased dramatically year on year. I firmly believe that this is because the quality of experience that we’re offering online now matches the quality service that our customers can expect when we complete our deliveries”.