We’ve just launched a pretty slick new technical e-brochure for a leading UK rail, signalling and power company.  It’s already attracted some impressive new orders…

Creating a brochure for very detailed rail, signalling and power products is no easy task but it was a challenge we were keen to tackle!  As usual, we came at it from the end user perspective – What do they want to see? Where and when will they be looking at it? What devices will they be viewing it on? Once we got in their heads we set about creating the best product catalogue in the industry for two reasons – intuitive browsing and attractive design.

Now engineers working trackside or specifying from their offices are viewing and ordering from the handy 100 plus pages of safety-critical information.

Stuart Morrison, Head of Commercial at RSP said: “Fuel have done a tremendous job in communicating complex information in a way in which positions us a leading provider in the market.  We’re delighted with the response since its launch and we look forward to working with them more projects.”

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