Alem Al-Khamiri

Digital Director


Alem worked at two of the South-West’s leading Digital Marketing agencies before opening his own agency, Ruckus Marketing Ltd, in 2017 with Ed Watson - a talented graphic design specialist. In January 2020,  Ruckus merged with Fuel Communications and Alem became Fuel’s Digital Director.  


With a background in the creative arts, Alem began his Digital Marketing career as a copywriter focusing on online content creation. While what he does day-to-day has changed quite a bit since then, his innate creativity is continually challenged and put to use through the creation of Digital Marketing plans and strategies for Fuel Communications’ clients.


One of Digital Marketing’s biggest selling points is the sheer amount of data you can collect from even the smallest campaign. Alem is adept at analysing this data, allowing him to effectively pinpointing areas that can deliver ‘quick-wins’ while identifying those that ought to be invested in and cultivated over time.


Alem began his Digital Marketing career in 2013, after having worked in Sales, Direct Marketing, and PR for a number of years. Though he started off as a creative copywriter, Alem has since worked on countless websites and Digital Marketing projects, providing him with a wealth of experience.

While the quality of his work is enough to keep clients happy, Alem enjoys getting to know the businesses he works with so that he’s able to be more actively involved. According to those he has previously worked with, Alem is “an absolute joy to work with”, “incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable”, and “made many herculean contributions to our projects”.

If you have any questions or queries related to SEO, PPC or any other area of Digital Marketing, Alem is the guy you should speak to. If you think a project you’re working on might benefit from his knowledge and expertise, feel free to message him directly at

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