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02 Apr 2020

6 Pros & 4 Cons Of Facebook Ads For Local Businesses

In the current economic climate, it is important that your marketing is moving along with t...
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31 Mar 2020

How To Make The Most Of Working From Home

‘Working from home’ is a funny one as it often means two very different things depending on...
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27 Mar 2020

Fuel Communications Business Continuity Plan Regarding Coronavirus (COVID–19)

Tackling Coronavirus (COVID-19) We’re doing everything we can to protect our staff, clients...
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14 Mar 2020

What Is Influencer Marketing & How Does It Help Businesses?

Have you ever considered using ‘Influencer Marketing’ to help grow your busines...
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06 Mar 2020

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

For affiliate marketers, driving traffic and revenue for retailers is their bread and butte...
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24 Feb 2020

What Are The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

As with any digital marketing channel, an affiliate marketing program has to be able to jus...
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15 Feb 2020

4 Health Risks Linked With Office Work & How To Avoid Them

You wouldn’t think about office work whilst hearing the words “health problems” and “workin...
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11 Feb 2020

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work In 2020?

Does affiliate marketing still work in 2020? Is there still a need for voucher codes or cas...
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05 Feb 2020

Fuel Merges With Plymouth-Based Digital Marketing Agency, Ruckus

As a full-service marketing agency, Fuel Communications is always looking for ways to impro...
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02 Jan 2020

A Year In Review: Fuel Marketing & PR Achievements 2019

2019 has easily been one of our biggest years since Fuel Communications started up in the P...
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20 Nov 2019

Fuel adds new dimension with One Polygon deal

We’ve literally added a new dimension with the acquisition of immersive company One Polygon...
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20 Nov 2019

Goodbye Crownhill Fort, hello The Crescent!

After 8 great years we’re sad to be leaving the Fort but really excited to be moving into a...
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