The Entire Fuel Team - Fuel 10 Year Anniversary Party

As my placement at Fuel comes to an end, I thought it’d be fitting to share my experiences and show how Fuel has helped me develop not only as a marketer but as a person.

In 2015, I came to Fuel for a weeks placement and this was my first exposure to marketing and the real business world. My desire and passion was and still is Fuelled by my initial time and team members at Fuel and this lead me to studying Marketing with Plymouth University. 3 years later, I applied to be their intern for the year and I was lucky enough to get the position.

Throughout my time I have worked on many tasks, both testing and strengthening my skills. From building websites to holding meetings with clients. Without this placement, I would not have developed any of these industry and personal skills, as much as University helps with the theories, experience is always key.

I have worked alongside clients such as Smile Together and, importantly, got involved with them to help improve oral health to children in Cornwall (Brighter Smiles) as part of Fuel’s commitment to the campaign. There are many more great clients I have been involved with and Fuel has given me the opportunity to work in different sectors.

Apart from clients, my time has been made extra special because of the fantastic team I would alongside with. This enabled me to learn specific competencies and skills off each individual member, giving me an overview of the marketing industry and a taster of how it all works.

Martyn King (Managing Director) has helped me with my professionalism in terms of working to deadlines, managing my time, dealing with clients and has given me numerous opportunities to represent Fuel which has been an honour.

Steve Gyseman (Business Development Director) shared his knowledge of media and gave me the responsibility to take control of campaigns with his guidance, which includes meeting the client’s expectations and dealing with media outlets.

Ross Collins (Account Manager) is my first port of call for anything digital. Ross has had the biggest impact on my time at Fuel, his work ethic and passion for marketing has inspired me to reach the next level in my career. I learn something new every day with working with him… and I’ve taught him a couple of things! As a fellow Plymouth Uni student, Ross has given me insight into the business world after Uni and has given me the confidence to keep pushing myself.

Seve Catindig-Stagg (Head of Affiliate Marketing) undoubtedly has taught me the most about a topic I had little to no previous knowledge about – Affiliate Marketing. With his year experience and multiple awards he was kind enough to sit with me for a couple of hours each week to help me understand the whole concept and I can confidently say I now have a great understanding of his field and work and this has even resulted in affiliate marketing being my primary topic for my dissertation.

⤑ Taylor Kitto (Creative Designer) has helped me improve my design skills and has taught me how to use all of the industry programmes, enabling me to work on my own design work outside of Fuel. These skills are fundamental if I want to become an all-rounder in marketing.

I also really enjoyed being part of the Fuel team which team took part in the 2018 Men’s Day Out and helped raise money for St Lukes Hospice. We made memories at our Christmas party which was my first “business” party. However, the most iconic event was the Fuel 10th anniversary. In April 2018, Martyn and Steve celebrated 10 years of fueling demand and it was a pleasure to help them achieve the perfect evening with our team and our clients.

I can’t recommend Fuel enough, whether it is working at Fuel or with (as a client) you will have a great relationship and they will, for sure, exceed your expectations.

Thank you for making my time at Fuel better than I had ever imagined.