Following several conversations with Rhys – Owner and Director of InsideOut Living– we got a real grasp of his aims for the business and devised a plan for how to start working towards his vision of success. Improving the profitability of the sales coming from the website was a key goal, and something vital to growing his business. With that, the first task of the online sales team has been to drive greater revenue but at a lower cost per acquisition than InsideOut Living had been working to previously.

Google Shopping campaigns that are constantly monitored and optimised are now in place, delivering regular sales to the site at a strong CPA, as well as Search Ads that target keywords relevant to the website, helping to cut down on wasted spend.

We’ve also undertaken vast SEO work which has yielded great conversion rate results and has also improved our adrank helping to bring costs down further.

As a result of the work Fuel has undertaken, when you compare the 66 days we have managed online sales compared to the previous 66 days you can see some great progress:

Website (Overall)

Revenue – Increased by 58.70%

Number of Transactions – Increased by 45.83%

Conversion Rate – Increased by 41.23%

Cost Per Acquisition – 12% (Previously 21%)

Website (Organic search)

Revenue – Increased by 37.75%

Conversion Rate – Increased by 47.43%

Paid Search

Revenue – Increased by 161.88%

Spend – Decreased by 11.51%

Number of Transactions – Increased by 107.41%

Conversion Rate – Increased by 68.94%

Cost Per Acquisition – 20% (Previously 58%)

“Fuel joined InsideOut Living during a crucial transition period which involved multiple new product launches.

The team really listened to our core objectives,  and worked alongside us to develop a clear roadmap on how to achieve these.

One thing that really stood out for me from the offset, was not only Fuel’s focus on growth/revenue, but also the importance they placed on profitability & growing the business sustainably from day one.  This was great to see for any business owner/director” – Rhys Evans, Owner.