Online sales

With Black Friday just around the corner, the question on everyone’s mind is how are they going to keep up with the big guns of the online shopping world? Well.. worry no longer, we have got you covered! Keep reading to find out all the tips and tricks you will need to secure a successful Black Friday.  

The mistake you are more than likely to make:

The ideal journey of a customer in your eyes and what actually happens can be VERY different. Brighttalk suggests this is the journey that you would like every customer to take on Black Friday. For example:

  • The customer searches the term associated with the item that they wish to purchase.
  • The customer would then typically click the google shopping ad with the product that they are interested in buying. Clicking the ad would then take them through to view the product page, with the necessary product description.
  • The ideal ‘next move’ would be for the user to add the desired item to their cart and proceed to pay. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

When customers stray away from e-commerce sites or abandon their carts, as a retailer you are then left with two options. You can just wait around and hope that they come back on their own accord, or you can spend even more money trying to entice them back, with no guarantee of a sale. Luckily for you, we have got some cost-effective top tips on how to get the customer back or stop them before they go.

Here are some cost-effective ways to get the customer- and keep them!

  • Get the sale- get the Email. A brilliant way of enticing this action to the customer may be to offer the following: ‘get an extra 5% off on Black Friday if you sign up to our E-newsletter.’ The most cost-effective way of bringing abandoners back (or rather, stopping them before they go) is capturing the email before they visit the product page. This way you have already offered money off before they look for a better price elsewhere.
  • This, therefore, leads on nicely to the next top tip: Sending out a creative and different E-newsletter. The key component is this being relevant and engaging to your audience. A cost-effective way of doing this is sending out numerous different Black Friday E-newsletters to suit specific audiences. There could be one for loyal and repeat customers and also one for customers whose email you have recently collected.
  • Enforce anticipation and urgency. Vend blog suggests that it is important to alter your language to suit the time and the audience. A perfect example of this is ‘Get ready for Black Friday – You don’t want to miss out!’ Another way of reinforcing urgency is adding countdowns onto the page or having text over an item image saying ‘10 people viewing this product right now’ or ‘there are x amount left in stock.’
  • Reduce your return rates: The best way to reduce hefty return rates this Black Friday could be simply: sending thank you emails after every purchase, sending review requests with an incentive, offer discounts off the next purchase.  


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