City College Of Plymouth Be Part Of It Newsletter

Understanding perception across a range of stakeholders can be tough but it helps when you know where you are starting from. We’ve been working with City College Plymouth over the past couple of years by carefully engaging with stakeholders and understanding what they think.  Whilst that has mainly taken place behind the scenes, the ‘Be Part of It’ positioning (working closely with our good friend Dave Smith at Just Enough Brave) has really helped to shine a spotlight on opportunities created by the College.

We recently completed the latest round of stakeholder perception research which has yielded some fabulous feedback for the college.  We all really liked “A force for good in the city” and the fact that the number of young people considering City College for their next education option has risen by over 20%.

Just like City College, we like great feedback too. Pauline Hands, Director of Marketing, Corporate Relations & Enterprise at City College Plymouth.

“Fuel’s work on our perception research project went beyond words and stats to offer actionable insights. They have taken the time to truly understand the challenges we face and have made a really meaningful contribution to the development of our ongoing strategy.”

Using insights from the research, we’ve continued our work with them and staged a City Skills Forecast Event which attracted leading employers to the College’s excellent PL1 restaurant to discuss skills, jobs and careers requirements through to 2021.

Using data and feedback from the event, we then teamed up to publish ‘The Future of Careers in Plymouth – a guide for parents and carers’  highlighting which skills will be in demand and what career opportunities are likely to exist.

New creative for City College’s 2017/2018 is now live. Look out for a bold and confident approach…