Ahead of Black Friday, pixel space is going to be at a premium with auction prices increasing – good old supply and demand. So if you are looking at getting in front of new customers you’re going to have to get creative to cut through the increased noise (more on that in another blog post) or prepare to metaphorically raise your paddle more than usual.

That being said, there’s a case to be made that existing contacts and loyal customers get bombarded by generic ads this time of year. Personalisation and segmentation seem to go out the window, with a frenzy of offers flying around Black Friday. Whilst casting your net wide into cyberspace with generic offers, ads, and content can be great for exposure and awareness, it might not be the best course of action when it comes to a healthy conversion rate & ROI.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list to make sure you stay on your customers nice-list this festive season:

  • Personalise your email to each customer – Get a bit more sophisticated than “[firstname,fallback=customer]”. Create a product retargeting email to remind visitors about an item they viewed on your site. Subscribed contacts who view an item on your site but don’t make a purchase can receive a follow-up email that can include custom links and product recommendations.
  • Make use of print – Make it personal and there’s a good opportunity for high ROI with this channel. You’ll need to make sure you’ve segmented your data correctly for an effective campaign though.
  • Remarketing lists – Get creative with your audience lists for your most engaged customers. Be sure to check out your analytics data before planning any custom combination lists.
  • Genuinely exclusive offers – The term ‘Exclusive’ gets thrown around a lot and has pretty much lost its meaning and value to the general public. Be bold and give your existing customers a genuinely exclusive offer that will make them look twice.
  • New customer offers… – These are great from an acquisition perspective, but there’s nothing worse than being an existing customer and seeing a ‘New customer’ only offer! If you have any ‘new customer’ offers active try and match them with a loyal customer offer as well, this can be communicated in a below the line fashion to make the new customer offers feel special.


Keep in mind your overarching strategy during this festive period as it can be easy to deviate away from it and be sure to audit your tactics to ensure you’re achieving what you initially set out.

We’ve got plenty more tricks in our tool-box, so if you want to find out more give us a shout:   ross@fuel-communications.co.uk