For the past few years, the UK market has participated in the US phenomenon of Black Friday. Each year customers head, both online and in store, in search to find time exclusive offers and discounts on a range of products. Initially, this event was perceived to be like a horde of zombie-like customers running around shops grabbing anything and everything they can get their hands on in order to save 29% off a kettle they do not need or will never use. We were also met with crashed websites and long waits due to the mass amount of customers trying to access their favourite retailer’s website. Is this still the case? Is it that hectic?

Yes, I suppose. However, retailers are better equipped to deal with the numbers of customers visiting them in-store and online. The key part that you can learn from this is the volume of potential customers looking for the best discount. Throughout the UK, over 70% of people under the ages of 25 are claiming to be interested in Black Friday and have an intention to buy, making it an invaluable day for businesses.

Last year, the average amount spent per head in the South West was £207. This was found to be the 3rd highest within the UK, with Londoners spending the most with a £289 average. The source of sales ranged from; Desktop (41%), Mobile (31%), In-Store (21%), TV (5%) to Smart Devices (2%). We can help inspire you with a range of creative approaches for each channel to boost your sales this Black Friday.

Sparking creativity can be tough. We pride ourselves on being able to showcase you our ideas, suitable for all platforms. Whether that be; website development, Google shopping, SEO, social media campaigns, email e-shots or brand strategies. With our expertise in these areas, we are certain we will propose an effective and successful action plan in order to help you make the most of Black Friday.

Even though it’s not Christmas yet, we are still willing to give you a present early. Whether that be a FREE consultation or initiation of a marketing campaign, we are happy to help.


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