Close Up Of Steve And Martyn Holding Fuel Football Shirt - 10 Year Anniversary Party

Full service marketing agency Fuel Communications are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month and recently marked the occasion with staff, clients, friends and family at a birthday bash at the Loft on the Barbican in Plymouth.

During the last ten years, Fuel Communications have generated a multi-million pound up-lift in revenue for a whole host of clients, not just in Plymouth but from across the UK as a whole. They have advised and mentored over 20 start businesses in the area and have pumped over three quarters of a million pound back in to the South West economy via local businesses.

However one of the points that Fuel Communications are most proud of is that they have given over 50 students real work experience opportunities, believing that this stage is a vital part of career establishment for young people in the area.

To mark the 10th anniversary the agency have also re-launched the corporate website which can be seen at The website is deliberately designed as clean, modern, fresh and slightly ‘no nonsense’ in its approach which is completely reflective of the refreshing way that Fuel Communications operates as a business.

Commenting on the birthday celebrations, Fuel Communications Co-Founder and Managing Director Martyn King said: “We’ve come a long way from where Steve and I started the business at the Formation Zone and it’s great to see just how many established businesses and start ups we’ve helped grow across the region. I look forward to what could be a very interesting next 10 years alongside Steve and the current team that we have between our office here in Plymouth, our recently opened Bristol office and London.”

Fellow Co-Founder and Business Development Director Steve Gyseman said: “Anyone can start a marketing company, it’s relatively easy. However producing top quality, creative work and making a tangible difference to client’s businesses 10 years on is a genuine testament to the job that Martyn, myself and the team have done. Our plan is to continue playing our part in the success of Plymouth’s business community while also stretching our offering wider afield.”