“Bright, modern, fresh, entrepreneurial” aren’t the words usually associated with law firms when you ask for perception feedback. 

Those were just a selection from our comprehensive perception research project for Bright Solicitors over a three months period looking involving feedback from hundreds of stakeholders.

In law firm terms, Bright is still relatively new given that it started up in 2006.  We were involved from day one (and a bit before that too) and we’re really proud when the new firm launch in a bold way and grew  quickly.

That said, it is arguably easy to start up with a handful of people and say you are different.  The mere fact you are different will get you some good clients in the early years. But what happens when you get 10 times bigger and  client expectations increase? Do you become a little less bold? What does the market think? How do you rank against more traditional competition?  Those were some of the questions we sought to answer in the research. 

Of course, the answers are highly confidential but we were delighted with the feedback from our client.

Andy Price, partner at Bright Solicitors, said: “We commissioned Fuel’s expertise to add another level of insight to the extensive client feedback we constantly seek.  The results have presented us with a clear picture of our place in the market, our level of brand recognition, areas where we can improve and opportunities for the future.  It was a real pleasure to work with a team which has such extensive knowledge of the legal market.”

Martyn King, managing director at Fuel, commented: “It was really interesting to find out that – even though the firm is different in terms of people and stage in the business cycle – it is clearly living up to its name and its ‘modern legal thinking’ mantra. On a personal level, having devised the original brand and positioning, it was hugely satisfying to see the firm clearly differentiating itself from the market and growing well as a result.”