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In recent months the landscape of the Google Shopping market has changed.

The power, whilst still with Google of course, has shifted slightly since they were penalised for being found to be giving unfair favour to their own price comparison service.

Alongside a circa £ 2 Billion fine, Google is now forced to compete with 3rd party comparison sites on an even keel to offer a fair market place. This means that any shopping comparison site can enter the Google Shopping auction for visibility and you will start to see Ads powered by other comparison sites featuring in your shopping searches.

Whilst this creates a fairer market place for all involved, a huge development from this is that Google Ads – the rebranding of Google AdWords – will now reward Retailers who run their Google Shopping campaigns through Google Approved CSS Partners with a rebate on their monthly shopping spend on a sliding scale, starting at 20% and levelling off at 30%.

This is only available in the EU and subject to change, but right now that means that anyone spending €500 or more a month on Google Shopping could get at least 20% of that spend back as a credit on their account for the following month. A CPA dream for all involved!

At Fuel we have acted quickly to join forces with a top CSS Partner to give our clients access to this rebate and help make their Google Shopping campaigns even more cost effective.

Tony Rowe, Managing Director at Goldstar Leisure and one of our Google Shopping clients explained: “With two online shopping sites, I spend heavily on Google Shopping. Thankfully, Fuel manage this for me so they were proactive in bringing it to my attention. At first I could barely believe it but I am very much looking forward to a large rebate and driving down cost per acquisition. I’d encourage other online retailers to do so too.”

To find out more about this, please reach out to seve@fuel-communications.co.uk

You can find out more about the Comparison Shopping Partners SpendMatch scheme here –